I choose Malta and Maltese people

I choose Malta and Maltese people

I would like to see maltese nationals being employed .We need to see patients in our hospitals being cared for by maltese doctors and nurses ,if we really must have foreigners they must make the effort to learn our language.We need to be able to communicate in our language if we go shopping,out to dine.....It would feel good to see maltese builders on building sites ...Employing foreigners because maltese peoople dont want to work is a sorry excuse,it is just as bad as selling passports.!


I feel this importance most in SVP dementia wards, where a number of the staff are foreigners - these patients/residents have enough problems to communicate even in their own native language!

This is especially important when it comes to the health sector. I've seen many foreign nurses and doctors, not being able to communicate in Maltese, trying to talk with elderly people who are only able to communicate in Maltese. The nurse/doctor leaves, and the patient must wait for a Maltese nurse/doc... whenever the latter come, if they do. What if the poor elderly individual does not have anyone to care for him? How will he understand what pills he should take, when? etc.

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