Evangelical Christians

Evangelical Christians

Evangelical Christians should not be discriminated and allowed to have Planning Authority permission to hold places of worship. So far we have been discriminated and denied our constitutional rights of freedom of worship.


no one should be discriminated nonetheless true God's worshipers.

I hate injustice. It is ridiculous that there is a church or chapel in every corner if Malta and no permits for Evangelical places of worship! We have to rent a hall to get by!

As the scriptures says; Romans 14:19 So then we pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another.

@ Antoine Vella. How can you say it is not true when I have documents in hand that prove me write. It would have made sence had you questioned by asking for details, but to say it is not true when you know nothing about the situation is unfair to say the least.

It's amazing how the Roman catholic (take note: NOT christian) church preaches tolerance to all religions which very clearly do not profess the deity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, but uses all the influence it can to suppress the very small group of Evangelical Christians in Malta. (Shame on Antoine Vella - remember Goliath? search the scriptures and see how he was described by David).

@ Joe Fenech What documents? Official documents saying that Evangelical christians should not have a place of worship? You have to understand that most of those who have had an application rejected, claim that it was discrimination.

@ Antoine Vella. If you are so interested we can meet and you will understand better the injustice that took place at least in the case I refer to. Nonetheless for you to jump to conclusion without knowing the facts is unwarranted.

I voted down this idea, not because Evangelicals should not have a place of worship - of course they should - but because it's not true that they're being discriminated. If they were refused a planning permit there must have been technical reasons, not because of their religion.

If Islam is being allowed In schools, I would find no problem in allowing Evangelical Christians to be as public as the other religions. at Least they all move forward to have peace and teach to act upon the saying "Love your neighbors and enemies"

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