Construction of public car parks within major cities

Construction of public car parks within major cities

The second major problem in Maltese transportation is the lack of parking spaces, especially in busy city centres, (Sliema, Birkirkara, Mosta, St.Julian's, etc.). Many people are currently opting out of parking in available car parks due to steep hourly rates and alternatively end up looking for parking (which often causes traffic) or parking illegally. I believe that construction of government owned car parks with lower rates or encouragment in investment in carparks will benefit the society.


I would add that if we are really to commence a metro/railway system these carparks need to be linked or very near the metro stations in a way that commuters can leave their vehicle their and change to the metro

I totally agree with this proposal. Not necessarily free as long as it's decently priced. The fare would help recoup the investment and the proper maintenance of such private/public car parks. No car park attendants asking for a tip please.

I also believe that a whole system must be well thought of which includes the whole journey of a person; from her home door to the office. Thus such system should include a number of stages and multi transport systems. On the whole, a well thought set of transport systems should reduce the personal car usage.

I would also add the idea to limit parking in front of houses, especially major roads which weren't intended for such parking. Such issues are causing traffic in double carriage roads since there is only space for a single vehicle to pass. Cars should be parked inside personal garages or else village car parks on the outskirts. Such idea could be improved if continuous shuttle services are created per village, encouraging cycling and walking to such car parks.

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