Renovation of the existing University Sports facilities

Renovation of the existing University Sports facilities

I would like to suggest an urgent and well needed renovation of the existing University sports facilities. If these are upgraded into a state of the art multi purpose sports complex, it could be used by a variety of sports teams. If the facilities include extra services such as accommodation, changing rooms and a kitchen, they could also be used as a source of income for university by promoting the facilities as a good location for sports tourism and attract foreign students to study in Malta!


Its incredible I left University over twenty years ago and its one of the first full size pitches built surrounded with a running track that remained in the same state during all these government and University administrations. Students deserve better . ..not a gravel pitch and tarmac track.

Such a great idea! Such changes will promote a healthier lifestyle on campus AND will definitely attract more foreign students to study there

Sports & Tourism!

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