I am certainly not the only one sick to death by the number of illegalities that make it to the headlines every hunting season and even more so by the lack of action taken by our authorities. We all know the issue of hunting is far from over, with another referendum on the matter likely in the future as the Maltese people become more educated on the topic. In the meantime, the next government should implement harsher penalties on those who do not abide by the rules and hunting time frame.


A program in schools to teach children about birds and how to protect them, will perhaps in the future cut down on hunting. also to try and encourage hunters to take up the hobby of skit shooting.

I believe dependant on the case of illegality, there are already extremely harsh penalties which include thousands of euro fine, revoke of their hunting license, confiscating of firearm, prison time and big time exposure on the media. Compared to other crimes I believe the above mentioned repurcussions are over and above.

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