Bus lanes, traffic lights, bumps and overtaking lane

Bus lanes, traffic lights, bumps and overtaking lane

Bus lanes are designed only for big roads in big cities, they are unnecessary in Malta and create more clogging. Also, most traffic lights used by pedestrians (not those that control cars only) are also unnecessary. A simple zebra cross would take less time for a person to cross the road, and less waiting time for cars. We have to also get rid of most traffic bumps. Last but not least, penalty points must be introduced for those using the overtaking lane with very low speeds.


I would also like to suggest that speed limits are respected according to the national limit. Why do we have speed limits of 35km/h in built-up areas (unless other clear hazards are present)? Why do we have long, clear roads outside residential areas with speed cameras under 80km/h? Are these really just a money-grabbing feature? They have been this way even before this disastrous government took over. Tal-barrani (to name one) at 60km/h? WHY? it's a long, straight road! Drivers aren't babies!

I agree with Zebra's reducing waiting time for pedestrians, but often drivers don't stop. Bus lanes however are necessary in congested cities. A bus without a bus lane is just a very large car that stops often. It is the number of cars that causes congestion unfortunately. Getting more drivers on buses, makes it easier for everybody else to drive. Making buses slower just puts drivers back in cars. Traffics slower.

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