Igaming Education in Schools

Igaming Education in Schools

With the Igaming sector being one of the central ones in Malta, more subjects related to the kind of jobs should be available at school. More awareness should be created about this sector as supply for particular roles is not coping with demand. Schools should teach children that in life there are other high-achieving roles other than being a doctor or a lawyer. Maltese people seem afraid to join this industry and lose the opportunity to be in this rewarding industry due to lack of knowledge


Exposing kids to igaming at a young age would expose them to online gambling and other vices

@glenn how can you teach marketing pastizzi while hiding to students what pastizzi are? I agree with awareness & exposing (to everyone including young kids) what excessive gambling does,how to get help etc (just like smoking)but nothing more For univeristy students i agree with teaching igaming (as these are mature) Otherwise below 16yrs, igaming is "no go". I've worked for 12years in gaming sector so I'm fully aware of all aspects of the different jobs in gaming-I've said all that I had to say

@michael you can still separate both things as those roles are normal jobs. At the moment they are (rightly so) pushing these jobs in university, but there is still a big gap between demand and supply. my point was not to teach how to gamble, but to make them aware that such an industry exists as most jobs are being taken by foreigners. Maltese people are still scared of this sector because they relate gambling to being a bad thing and hency why there should be awareness about all pros and cons.

@glenn how can you teach marketing, IT etc on igaming without explaining the concept of igaming? I agree with teaching marketing, IT etc in general but not tied to igaming... sorry There are even laws (repsonible gaming) protecting underage from gambling erc

@Michael Agius Muscat most jobs in the Igaming sector are not related to betting: IT, marketing, Adminsitration, Customer Retention, Payments, etc. You don't have to teach kids the gambling side

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