2 Wheels Makes Sense

2 Wheels Makes Sense

Road tax and insurance for motorcycles in Malta is very high when compared to road tax and insurance for cars. As a bike rider I feel this is very unfair. Government needs to build flyovers, bypasses and car parks to accommodate cars not motorbikes. My guess is that if everyone rode bikes, government would make a huge saving. My proposal is to tax who causes congestion not who is part of the solution.


As you can see from the photo, 6 bikes can park in the space of one car. 2 wheels makes sense, don't tax us.

The point of this post is to have more proportionality. I am a car owner as well as a bike owner, i use the bike for 90% of my commuting. I use the car only when need to take passengers of carry something i cannot take on the bike. My car insured comprehensive on 10,000 euros costs about the same per year as my bike insured for Fire & Theft on 3000 euros. Clearly this is not much incentive to use a bike.

Not quite against it but people like me can't drive a motorcycle. I'm 58 and have already fallen and broken my right femur. Motorcycles are for the young and single-you can't drive a family around on one can you?

Also need far more motorcycle parking space. And if there is a need for smart parking technologies, its motorcycle spaces that are as rockinghorse pooh.

An extension of this idea might be to encourage bikers to keep their cars off the road on weekdays in return for cheaper car licenses. Most bikers would be prepared to forego using their cars Mon to Fri thereby reducing congestion and the parking problem even further.

Apparti li l-muturi ma jhamgux l-arja daqs karozza, anke fejn ghandu x'jaqsam parkegg, ovvjament jiehu hafna anqas spazju minn karozza. Nemmen li sal-lum m'hawnx bizzejjeg parkeggi immarkati "MC", jew ahjar "MUTUR" (biex nibdew nuzaw l-ILSIEN MALTI fit-traffiku). Barra minn hekk meta staqsejt pulizija qalli "karozza tista tipparkja f'kaxxa ta' mutur"! Jien f'qalbi ghidt dan bis-serjeta` qieghed jghid? Dan ma ghandux ikun minnu. Karozza ma ghandix tkun permessa li tipparka f'kaxxa ta' mutur.

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