Underground public transport and underground highway

Underground public transport and underground highway

Extend Malta Gozo link all the way to the south of Malta. Include in it underground public transport and a two way car highway with exits along the way for bus stops and cars alike. Second phase build an underground public transport only going round Malta intersecting North and South with the straight one. Then introduce measures like tolls to discourage use of cars and/or push cars underground. Also introduce tariff tiers to favour electric cars. Its already a reality. Google Seattle Tunnel


Our real need is to have a modal shift from private to public transport. Therefore while I support underground public transport for light rail service particularly to gain access to urban areas, this should be supplemented by surface network of buses linking to and supporting the light rail stations which would serve as interchanges. Wherever possible as these interchanges there should be parking spaces to allow for commuters not well served by the bus network to have access to the light rail.

I am in favour of the use of underground network of trains like the metro. But I am against the underground car highway. If you get the underground public transport working as it should, the cars will reduce.

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