Standards should be set for architectural designs

Standards should be set for architectural designs

The height and general feel of Maltese dwellings should be standardised according to areas. Core village centres should be regenerated but not replaced by new buildings. Apartments blocks should be of the same height and aesthetics, such as colours, balcony style etc should be kept similar and in line with the traditional Maltese aesthetic. Standards should be set and strictly enforced.


I agree with Nicholas but only to a certain extent. If you had to see Valletta, and other cities like Paris and Rome, the architectural style is consistent but definitely not boring! This idea is calling for consistency in style and height and general feel that's all. Surprisingly an example can be found in Sliema, in Dingli Street. But I see Nicholas' point about talent as well. It's a matter of finding a middle ground.

Making everything standard will become monotonous. We should be look at town planning that allows innovative designs that respect what we already have. A good example of this is Lucat in France wher the whole village was designed in such a way that when you see it from afar, it looks like hills, hence complimenting the surroundings. I am not against standards but just a note to avoid killing talent.

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