Introduction of Classical Studies in the curriculum

Introduction of Classical Studies in the curriculum

Most graduates unfortunately have an abysmal level of historical and cultural understanding which adversely affects their ability to contribute knowledgeably to society. The introduction of Classical Studies in the curriculum would begin addressing this serious problem, providing a sound basis of civic and intellectual values on which to develop a vision of the contemporary world that understands, respects and builds on its roots and strengths.


As someone who works with students, I agree with this proposal. Too many students come and do not know an iota about history or even general knowledge. This "subject" could be included with the curriculum but not one which has an exam. It should be a fun lesson where students learn about their surroundings and world history.

This should only be introduced as an optional subject. I have seen too many students going to waste, because they lacked good grades in Systems of Knowledge at sixth form level (thus denying them entry to University), while being one of the best and brightest in other areas (such as finance, IT, and medicine), which are in my opinion, much more useful in today's world.

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