Harnessing Hydropower From Urban Water & Reservoir Pipes

Harnessing Hydropower From Urban Water & Reservoir Pipes

Using micro-hydro energy systems in our water mains which uses the constant flow of water to turn micro-turbines that generate electricity without any impact on the surrounding environment and transforming energy which would otherwise be lost. http://www.popsci.com/gregg-semler-turns-tiny-turbines-mighty-generators


Harnessing energy from moving water only makes sense when the water moves as a result of natural forces (such as gravity moving the water in a river, or convection currents in the sea). Hydro-turbines in the water mains will restrict the movement of water, requiring government pumps to use more power to pump the water to its destination. Simple physics. This is not useful in Malta.

Free energy with no impact (visual/environmental) to the surroundings.

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