Build More Mosques for the Muslims of Malta

Build More Mosques for the Muslims of Malta

Muslims have the right to worship just as much as Catholics. Therefore the government should build a Mosque for Muslims in Birkirkara, another in Mellieha, in Siggiewi, in St Paul's Pay and one in Gozo. There is at least one church in every town. Why not a mosque? It would increase multiculturalism and make us more cosmopolitan. Also mosques can be good for tourism.


I am absolutely against this idea... Why should the government build mosques? Catholic Churches weren't built by the government, nor should they! They can apply for a permit, and if issued, muslims should build it themselves!

FACT: Religion has been the cause for countless conflicts, and hundreds of millions of deaths over the millennia. A quick look at current events and not-so-distant history will reveal the truth. We need less superstition and more scientific advances!

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