Licence for Pit bull Owners

Licence for Pit bull Owners

there are many irresposible owners of pitbuls who take out their dogs without a leash...pitbulls unless trained can be aggressive towards other pets therfore should only be handled by responsible owners who in my opinion should go through some training and a have to obtain a licence to own them...


Respect other people around you :) Social Responsibility. Something that Maltese struggle so much with !

there are only irresponsible dog owners... but an irresponsible dog owner with a pitbull is far more dangerous to other pets than an irresponsible dog owner with a Chihuahua and there are many ...therfore he should need a licence to show he will be a responsible owner and then he can own a pitbull

There are only irresponsible dog owners

agreed but pitbuls are by nature dog aggresive and there is a difference between the ammout of harm a roaming Chihuahua can do and a roaming pitbull

No dog can be left to roam without a leash; its illegal. And it discriminates against a specific race.

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