Taxxa fuq Fast Foods

Taxxa fuq Fast Foods

Fast food huwa wiehed mill-aktar affarjiet li jikkawza hsara fis-sahha. Ghalekk ghandu jkun hemm taxxa zghira fuqu li ghalkemm ma tnaqqasx il-kompetitivita tal-businesses, il-flus li jiddahhlu imorru ghal skopijiet ohra relatati mas-sahha (aktar medicini offruti, akter servizzi ghal nies morda bil-kancer etc.)



You're simply penalizing the poorer members of society. The only remedy is education.

I agree with this. Yes, it does sound like people are being punished for eating fast food, but people are also taxed on other unhealthy habits like tobacco. Fast food is a nasty thing, and results in widespread obesity. Malta is often said to be the fattest country in the EU, something we shouldn't be proud of.

This could be based on unsaturated fat contents and Pastizzi should be the first items to be taxed. Contributions should go directly to the health sector.

You are penalising people who eat fast food in moderate amounts. Like everything else moderation is the magic word. And does Fast Food include the local delicacies like pastizzi and imqaret? What about pasti and seasonal sweets like figolli? Let's not leave out choclate and other snacks like crisps and biscuits. The list is endless. Fast food like hamburgers has a bad name but it is just one of many things. Educating the population would be more effective.

Agreed. Something has to be done because the sheer low prices on fast food is beyond ridiculous. Competing establishments who sell healthy food are at an immediate disadvantage and often fail to generate the necessary income from sales.

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