Flats and garbage bags

Flats and garbage bags

Nowadays houses and being demolished and flats are growing like mushrooms so the number of garbage bags issuing from the same footage is increasing exponentially. This leads to obstruction on pavements due to the large amount of garbage bags resulting. It would be appreciated if Planning Authority could enforce that blocks of flats are to have a designated area kept for the garbage disposal of the residents within, in this way garbage bags are not thrown on the pavement and left there.


I live in a block of flats and we have no room for garbage bags. These flats are a stone's throw away from PN HQ. Since 20 families live in each block we need more frequent garbage pickups. Alot of these families have young children and a designated area isn't going to cut it. And why not collect garbage at night or in the wee hours especially during the summer months.

Jirn naqbel perfettament ghax jekk taghddi minn tas Sliema kulimkien boroz bil gzuz

All new apartments should have a waste disposal room with waste separation bins while indidvual houses should only be allowed to use skips unless there is a problem in areas were waste cannot be collected in bulk.

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