Make tattoo discrimination at the workplace illegal

Make tattoo discrimination at the workplace illegal

Tattoos are more popular than ever, but workers can be dismissed from or denied jobs because of their body modifications. You're perfect for the job. You have all the skills and experience the company is looking for, and you've turned up for the interview in your smartest attire. If you have a tattoo that incurs the displeasure of the boss, you might find any offer of employment is swiftly rescinded - this has to stop once and for all.


The employer should always be allowed to maintain the standards that s/he seems fit for his/her organisation - Be them dress code, hairstyle, language, attitude, personal hygiene and body modifications. The work place is not a free for all! Especially in positions that involve customer relations.

People have tattoos of swear words, Freddy Kreugar and porn stars sucking dicks on their body. Imagine visible tattoos like that in a nursery. Some common sense please. Not every tattoo will be appropriate for every work and that should be realised. We arent talking about skin colour here, we are talking about something thats a choice.

I have personally met people with tattoos who have given excellent customer service, and peole without tattoos who have given lousy customer service, and vice versa. A tattoo or body modification is not offensive, just like a hairstyle is not offensive. Language, attitude and personal hygene are a completely different ball game. The two sides of the spectrum should not be weighed on the same scales.

In my personal opinion everyone has the right to express himself in his/her own way. Why should I be rejected from a job just because I'm inked?

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