Staggered maternity and paternity leave

Staggered maternity and paternity leave

Maternity leave in hours rather than in bulk (eg. 18weeks). Once the baby is older , you start adjusting to your new life with all the added responsibilities, but in a way, you are quite sheltered as you are on leave. Then, all of a sudden, once the 18weeks pass, you have to return to work. In my opinion, it would help if you are allowed to start working when you decide, but are allowed to use the unused hours when you start work , obviously, at your employer's discretion.


When the 18 weeks pass, you still need support. It would help if you could come into work earlier than the 18 weeks, depending on how you feel, but are allowed to work "reduced hours", because you would have unused hours from your maternity leave.

Maternity leave in hours rather in block

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