Gender Services

Gender Services

1) A national Gender Clinic where individuals who are seeking counselling, endochrinology,, urology and gynea services, gender reassignment surgery consults and legal aid find trained and up-to-date professionals all under one roof. 2) Free or subsidized hormone therapies for people seeking gender reassignment. 3) Gender reassignment on the national health services These were all found to be our right by European courts. 4) Clear national guidelines on meeting the needs of transgender children.


😀full understanding and support is required asap.


I am a 19 year old transgender girl, and most people don't realize how very expensive hormone therapy is. It can cost up to €3000 a year. I am lucky because my parents pay for my treatment, but other transgender people aren't so lucky. Transgender people need this Gender Clinic urgently.

I support this because when anyone who wants to be unique and be Thier inner self but denied the right to do so .. well that actually is discrimination and also violating that simple one right. Let people be who they want to be, adults and children alike suicide rate due to the inability to accept these individuals is statistically high. Bieng transgender isn't a sickness or disease .. why punish someone for wanting to express Thier true self. I support freedom of speech or expression

It is my believe that everyone deserves to be treated equally and therefore everyone needs to have the same rights and have access to the same help and support systems; regardless or gender, ethnicity, race or religion. I strongly endorse this initiative, because this is something that is lacking here and is in my opinion a necessity for the LGBT community. I have seen first hand how not having access to support can affect the healthy development of transgender children.

I support this as I have a few very close friends who are going through this and they need all the suppost possible and its their right to be happy and comfortable im their bodies .

Fully Support these proposals as they would be of great benefit for a lot of transgender people!!

Everyone has the right to belong somewhere.Imagine if you didn't feel like you belonged in your own body!Imagine what it would feel like to have the wrong body parts and hate it so much you would mutilate yourself or want to die on a daily basis.All these people want is the basic right to live a happy life.

Because everyone should be appeared for what they are. Specially if what they are is genetical.

i fully support this <3 well done

These are essential services for transgender people, who have enough of a battle in general - we should give the best help we can!

Everyone has the right to feel happy and psychologicaly it will help a lot of people.

well being

Because everyone should be treated w respect whoever they are. Cause we do not discriminate anyone. Because we are all human beings w emotions and she be treated w respect and love

Lucindas(aged 9 at present) case (and other childrens) has been going on for 5 years and all that time the health department has not seen it fit to either import a full time endocrinologist or have ours trained to meet the needs of these what??? At least the LP party are offering free hormones (and if ur wondering the usual costs, lucindas r around 560e every 3 months, plus d blood tests and all the consultation fees)!

Im for this as it is important to my friend and her daughter She deserves it. And to all the others also.

Because I beleive everyone has the right to live the life they want as long as they don'do anything yo hurt humanity.....who am I to tell someone else to be something that they are not

Because these services are fundamental to the physical and psychological well being of transgender people

everybody should be whom they want to be,so yes i support these people whatever the outcome

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