Public Underground Garages/ Towers

Public Underground Garages/ Towers

Its no misconception that Parking in big localities is very tedious. Especially in localities with tourist attractions. The government should create parking facilities for locals to reduce traffic and leave access for customers of restaurants and bars. This is a well known sollution in other countries like Switzerland. Case in point are localities like Sliema, St Julians and Qawra among others.


Government should construct PUBLIC underground parking facilities in busy areas such as Sliema St Julians Paceville Valletta Floriana Bugibba Mellieha, Marsascala, Mxlokk etc

Car dependency creates more problems in our society than only where to put the cars. Create more space for cars, and more cars you will get - 'induced demand'. What we desperately need is a shift away from private car use, not more private car infrastructure!

I would also make it illegal to build residential and commercial property without underground parking facilities. Eg. If you build a new office block without parking, where do you think the people renting the offices will park?!

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