To resolve traffic issue emulate London's Taxi system

To resolve traffic issue emulate London's Taxi system

When in London, there is as much traffic and as little parking as in Malta nowadays, none of us considers going round by car, but would park on the outskirts and use public transport OR the famous London taxi that is cheap and you find one practically immediately! The Maltese Taxi system needs a revolution. We need to look at the road and stop a taxi fast just like in London because it is efficient and cheap! To create london taxi demand culture u first need its supply culture...ASAP!


A taxi requires just as much road network as a private car, creates just as much traffic, produces just as much noise, pollution, dirt, danger, human immobility and social divide. The problems caused by our dependency on cars are much more than 'no space to park'.

You're not seeing the bigger picture Andrew. Imagine the example of 1 taxi during a day's work doing say 20 trips (prob more!), that's 1 car doing the work of 20 cars so 19 cars less on the road and saving 20 parking spaces at 'destination' places such a small VLT etc since it never needs to stop and park! Now multiply this example by hundreds of taxis! Possibly thousands of cars on the road can be decreased by this! Even if for taxis is given for free this makes sense!

Kenneth, I realize that far fewer parking spaces would be necessary, that's why I mentioned a host of other problems that taxis wouldn't fix. Please re-read my comment.

Andrew. But you clearly imply that taxis may be a solution to ONLY the parking spaces issue. Which is NOT the case at all! They would drastically reduce the number of cars on the road primarily because people would prefer using them rather than their own car MUCH more often than today. Parking spaces is only a minor side-effect that this taxi system will help. The pro point is a drastic reduction of cars on the road! My example is quite clear - study it better;)

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