This tax is a blatant abuse of the government's sovereign right to tax and a disproportionate and unreasonable interference with an individual's right to property. Charging 60%, 80%, 100% and more of a vehicle's value in registration tax is simply unacceptable. A capping must be introduced or the system must undergo a radical overhaul!


Motor enthusiasts

@Louis Caruana....two points: 1) Progressive tax or not...no tax should be grossly unfair and unreasonable. That is what this is! 2) The Lamborghini Aventador was just an example, there are many cars which the average person could afford or even the lower earning person who has been saving a long time o buy their car and which would be subject to a an registration tax amounting to 60%+ of the cars value. Yes by all means, tax higher end vehicles at a higher rate. But do it fairly!

This is the principle of progressive taxation. The higher earners pay more tax on their capricious purchases. If you have the money for the Aventador, you have the money for its registration tax. Some others don't have the money to buy ANY car through no fault of their own. The money from such taxes should ALL go to incentivise clean transport for all.

Agreed that the reason we tax private cars has nothing to do with their value, and everything to do with their size and environmental impact. I had no idea it cost that much to register an expensive car - that's an income tax in disguise! I'd rather the average registration tax were raised.

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