e-Voting System

e-Voting System

I suggest a National strategy to start the implementation of an e-Voting System. This would save both money and time, whilst eliminating any human error which may lead in discrepancies of results. Another bi-product of such a solution would be an increase in turnover with respect to voters such as People from abroad who can't come to Malta to vote, would still be able to do so.


e-Voting System

Le qatt. Tista tigi ihhakkjata jew imbghabsa facilment. Forget it!!. Naf x qieghed nghid. Din l idea kienet diga mohmija. Ma saritx ligi minhabba problemi li nqalghu fil gvern.

If people can hack their way into large corporations etc (e.g panama leaks), what is going to stop them from hacking the voting system?

It is 2017. We should implement such strategy starting from the local council election of next year. Voters from abroad still care about their homeland.

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