Subsidies Healthy Life Styles

Subsidies Healthy Life Styles

Lot's of families are opting for fast food & pre-packed lunches since they are more convenient for our fast paced life; making us the most obese nation in the European Union and putting a strain on our health system. Why not introduce a taxation on all these unhealthy fast food "restaurants" and at the same time subsidise all the healthy options - food, gym memberships, sports equipment, etc.



😍YES...MY MAIN Soul-Desire!

Taxation is essential ONLY on packed cereals and drinks containing high glycemic load nutrients. These are the two main causes of child obesity which leads to adult obesity. Taxation is justified for healthier choices are made.

Taxation should not be generalised as this will still harm those in the near poverty range.

IF I EVER USE ANYTHING PRE-MADE, I ALWAYS Cook & WASH it Completely! Scrub Any Vegetables...πŸ˜‡

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