Nature Preservation

Nature Preservation

1) Strict rules on agriculture lands in Gozo need to be made before any project of connecting the two islands may be proposed. Gozo must still remain a virgin island in my opinion as it still needs to be developed. Once the islands will be linked a lot of development will be made and in the end nature will lose. 2) GM Verdala created Buskett, therefore ODZ lands and fields not generating REGULAR crops need to be converted to trees to allow fauna and flora to flourish in Malta once again!


Unfortunately Malta used to be a heaven island for immigrating animals, however due to HUNTING and lack of government enthusiasm over the past 30 years, Malta has become hell to this faunas and folra and also a polluted one. In the past 3 years there are NGOs that are cleaning certain bays and areas around Malta, however unless the government intervenes to aid these groups hard work vanish in vain, nature will lose

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