1. A MASS NEUTERING national programme for cats and dogs with immediate effect. 2. Support for all feeders. 3. A national sanctuary with a no-kill policy. 4. An Animal welfare organisation who truly is dedicated to animals. 5. Animal lovers not animal killers or disinterested individuals in charge - preferably those already experienced in the voluntary field. 6. The setting up of an Animal rights legal support group. 7.Update on Animal Welfare laws. 8. Animal crematorium. 9. Harsher punishmen.


More detailed proposals have already been submitted. We are a team of committed individuals ready to work hand in hand with the administration. we have suffered and continue to suffer from the lack of interest in our beloved animal friends and are here to make history for animals too. help us help them.

Animals should also have their right to live a happy safe life.

Animal charities in Malta have always been put on the back burner. It is time to remedy the current sad situation.

animal also can have justice and rights

We should be the voice for those that cannot speak and i believe all animals have a right for food and sheltering!

The lack of a proactive animal organisation is truly being felt in Malta. Animal lovers have all witnessed the abuse and disinterest within the current Animal Welfare association - people with no real qualification or commitment to the safe capture and rehabilitation of stray animals. It has been left to the general public to take care of the animals in our streets, but one can only do so much within their private reach. Animal cruelty/neglect is hardly punished and calls in for harsher laws.

It's about time we put a stop to this callous, insensitive, stoic and cold attitude and give these animals their rights. Enough is enough!!!!

We are their voice and i pretend that it should be heard .We spend thousands of euros from our own pockets to feed and take care of our strays. If the only clinic which spay and neuter our strays is closing it s doors , all the work we ve done during the years will go down the drain. Thousand of cats have been spayed and neutered and the problem although it eased alot we still have a long way to go ,so please help us help them.

Animal charities need to unite for a common cause. Strength in unity. Its about the animals!

.. and if the post of PS for animal rights is going to be retained, he/she should be a true animal lover.

Overall it is OK but in my opinion each NGO should be entitled to perform individually. Meanwhile, goverment regulation and support is essential. Standards are easily written but unless help is provided they are difficult to be met. The government should not be expected to run a sanctuary. The volunteers are usualy committed to their work. As far as I know all sancutaries are "no kill". The law has been there with increasingly harsh penalties since 2001. The crucial word is "ENFORCEMENT"

We already have a set up in malta called happy paws , the government needs to take it over or find EU funding for this as well , tweak the way the neutering was administered, by asking the NGOs or set up shop at San frangisk how it should have been done and not how it was opened up in the first place . PN is long overdo an overhaul in Animal rights and to help NGOs such as AAA and so many others that are struggling to help all the strays on the island

Introduce a scheme to help the animal feeders. There a lot of them that take care of stray animals. It will be a useful support, thanks

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