Prevention of Noise & Dust During Construction

Prevention of Noise & Dust During Construction

Although laws are in place to protect 3rd parties from undue inconvenience during construction works it is evident that the BRO is not able to monitor and enforce these laws in an effective manner. An escalation system to be introduced for grievances in case of justified complaints: Step 1: A warning is issued to developer Step 2: A final warning and fine are issued Step 3: Development works can only continue with the CONTINUOUS presence of a BRO representative, at the expense of Developer.


To lessen noise and dust pollution as much as practicable.

I would also add that there should be a number of limitations on construction because people are ending up living years of their lives in a construction site and this is neither healthy nor fair. I would suggest: a) with the exception of personal work (ie someone working in his own house) work should be limited to Mon-Friday from 08:00 till 16:00 b) all equipment should be such that no dust is thrown into the environment and these should include high standards of maintenance

c) in any particular stretch of road say 200mts you cannot have more than one major construction at the same time and within 1 year from the end of the previous major construction. d) there should be a special sector within the police to monitor these sites and to respond quickly to people's complaints e) construction companies who continuously break the rules will have their licence revoked. (you obvioulsy need to have a licencing system) f) those who do things right can be rewarded

Studying architecture at University I have had lecturers tell us that the laws that are in place are often ignored, and our construction sites are far filthier than they could be.

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