Making BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH a New Key Economic Area

Making BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH a New Key Economic Area

Malta needs to diversify into new economic areas. One of the major failures of the Muscat government has in fact been in this regard. It has particularly failed miserably in making success of the 'Malta Life Sciences Park' project, a brainchild of the last PN government. Malta is well-positioned to become an Excellence Centre in Biomedical Research. In tandem with University, the next PN government should make this an absolute priority. [Economy-Youth-Education]


I already posted in favour of such an idea in another post. A new administration should revisit and revive the original idea in this field and not rent the space at the Malta Life Science park for normal offices or IT related.

Good idea. The Gonzi administration built a whole new complex near Mater Dei Hospital for R&D in the Biomedical, Pharma chemical field and similar. The building was finished by this administration but the person in charge to populate this space was discharged and things as they intended to be, never materialised. A new admin should revisit the original idea.

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