learning support assistants - autism

learning support assistants - autism

Towards a more inclusive educational system • A short course for Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) to specialise in autism should be introduced. • Curricula should be tailor-made for each and every child on the autism spectrum, to recognise the students’ individual learning styles. These curricula should put a particular emphasis on social skills, community-based learning and enterprise. Learning objectives should be set at the beginning of each scholastic term


Much needed. Just this week i suggested that at my son's school they introduce a lifeskills/independent skills lesson.

I agree 100%..many children with Autism are losing vital time to reach their potential. Even teachers need to be trained but the training needs to go to those motivated to make a change

As more children are being diagnosed with autism I think that it is a good idea that some LSAs should specialise in the autism spectrum so that these children can benefit more when in their care

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