Green areas the promise Joseph Muscat forgot to deliver....

Green areas  the promise Joseph Muscat forgot to deliver....

Muscat had mentioned the setting up of green areas in busy crowded areas in the last budget but to my knowledge nothing has been done.There is an increasing interest in green areas by the public - so this should be a priority area.Unfortunately farmers & green area owners in Malta are the least in Europe who access EU funds.Also funds are available according to size owned so small patches of land might not benefit from funds. I suggest that .... see comment below


I suggest that the govnerment would make access to funding easier by outreaching to farmers and owner of green areas. Incentives should be provided even to small area owners - for eg owners can be provided with incentives to plant native trees such as olive trees etc. Such landscaping would help balance out the increasing number of buildings. Also I would recommend that the PN would propose a national park as part of the electoral manifesto. Joseph

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