Free photovoltaic panels

Free photovoltaic panels

How about offering to install PV panels on roofs of people who apply for them. Anyone. They will remain the property of the government but those who host them get a fixed cheap bill for electricity, whatever their consumption may be, as compensation. The government would be getting back free clean energy. Those who do not apply (but have a roof) would keep getting normal fees. Those who do not have sufficient roof space may also apply and benefit from those who have, by getting a reduced rate.


Etienne Bonello DuPuis it seems you did not inderstand a thing I wrote. The government would be initially paying for them from our taxes but he would be gettting back clean energy plus the roof owners would still pay a regular fixed sum.

No such thing as free! Somewhere someone has to foot the bill.

We do not have the possibility to have PV panels as I live in a block of flats where there's a penthouse and in our contract we can only have a satellite and water tank. On the other hand, my parents have installed PV Panels on their roof for almost 4 years now. Wouldn't it be a good idea if we (i.e her children we are five in total) benefit from my parents having installed PV panels by getting reductions to our electricity bill?

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