Recognizing Family Work

Recognizing Family Work

All those who opt not to enter into employment (both males and females) but stay at home taking care of children and family matters, should be recognized and awarded at least the minimum wage. These persons are safeguarding the values of our society and hence helping not to end up with a value-less society!


Having children is a life choice which people do not need to be encouraged to make. It would be like saying that somebody without children should be refunded for not placing a burden on the educational and healthcare system. Families should be helped, through free education, healthcare etc., but paying people for something they would gladly do for free is a total waste of taxpayer money. It would be much better to spend the money to make the island a better place for their children to live in.

Never send my child to any child care centre but looked after him myself, looked after both parents till they passed away, so i have saved the government quite a bit of money, i think i deserve some kind of payment.

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