Give students the tools to work. PCs, books, stationary.

Give students the tools to work. PCs, books, stationary.

Stdnts receive sum € in d form of a smartcard (annual) & stipend in der bank AC (monthly).D only cntrl was dat d SC cud only b used in some shops,though loopholes always cud b found. Scrap SC & stpnd as mostly, d money is used on clothes,alcohol,cigs,parties.But dont penalize those that want to use it properly.Fill libraries with course books(loan),stationary,PCs fr use, give free buses (must present card (<8pm), subsidise canteen food bt dont give cash in hand.Give tools 2 work nt money 2 burn.


"Smart Cards" are not used anymore, nowadays the money is given directly into the same bank account in which the stipend is received :) Personally I find the amount of money very useful since our course (architecture) requires a lot of money spent on assignments and research. Those who spend the money given on unnecessary things should not determine what other students who use the money for their coursework should receive. Therefore I disagree with the fact that we should not receive this money.

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