The Sanctity of Marriage

The Sanctity of Marriage

Keep Marriage between a Man and a Women. There should be a clear distinction between a Civil Union and Marriage! Marriage has always been between a man and a woman and we shoukd not change our values and traditions simply to please the liberal minority. PN should be a conservative party and not a liberal one.


Why? If we want to live in a society where everyone is equal then people cannot be told what they can or cannot do based on sexual orientation. How does this affect anyone negatively ?

I can call my car 'jumbo jet' - it still remains a car. Changing the definition of marriage to include civil union with same sex will not change what marriage has always meant. I might also complain that men have the right to give birth like women do for equality's sake (not for samity's sake for sure). And with enough lobbying I can even get the government to list me as a mother on some baby's birth certificate. It will not change the fact that I am not his mother and that men don't give birth.

Civil union is the name given for a lawful union between a couple whether homosexuua or heterosexual in the eyes of the state. Marriage is the lawful union, a contract, between the couple themselves and the couple and God Actually Marriage takes place between 3 people - the couple and God. Thus this has to be between a heterosexual couple and God, because that is the Christian understanding of 'marriage' whether 2017BC or 2017AD or 4034AD

Actually, the term 'marriage' is used to describe the relationship between the Trinity itself. It is also used in the bible to describe the covental relationship between God and His people. That is how sacred marriage is to God, and that is how He created it? Who are we to change it? Want it different? Have it out with Him, with God. Tell Him.

because its 2017.

I have one question for everyone to ask oneself: what would I wish for if I was in an LGBTIQ situation? Thanks.

Because as a Christian I believe in the institution of marriage as God ordained it. Is not the PN a christian party?

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