Playgrounds in Malta

Playgrounds in Malta

Many playgrounds have been forgotten and now all there is left is an empty space with some benches. I think it is important that these spaces are either rebuilt into the playgrounds for children or used to plant some trees and hence create a better environment.


Irridu niehdu hsieb dawk li hemm, ez. il-gazebos li hemm l-imsida qedghin jaqaw bicca bicca.

Yes I agree..and because we live in a hot country shading should be on all swings etc ...our hot weather starts from spring and slides ,swings are way to hot not to mention too hot to take our toddlers certain hours of the day.

I support this idea because in Iklin we should have had a playground but instead the land has been leased to a third party and us residents we are suffering from a lot of dust so we all hope that with the PN in Governement this area will be developed for many reasons. You can speak to our Local Council for more details.

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