Establish a National Citizen Service

Establish a National Citizen Service

A youth programme to tackle some of the biggest social problems in Malta: Social cohesion: bring our country together by building stronger, more integrated communities and fostering understanding between young people. Social mobility: build essential skills for life and work, investing in our country’s future talent. Social engagement: engage young people in social action in their communities and the democratic process, building their understanding of their responsibilities as citizens.


I would go one step further and introduce regular 2 week summer boot camps for kids of 13 years and up wherein they are taught basic nutrition, physical fitness and basic skills which they would need further on in their live such as cooking, sewing buttons, gardening, general DIY etc. Such camps should also give kids a chance to dabble in drama, music, dance, singing, collecting stamps etc. Such camps will help future generations steer away from bad habits such as bullying and drugs

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