Restoration of sport facilities in the University of Malta.

Restoration of sport facilities in the University of Malta.

I would like to suggest that the running track and the 11 a side football pitch found in the University of Malta both need a major upgrade. The trees that were cut down for no reason need to be replanted, an appropriate surface for the track has to be installed and the 11 a side football pitch needs to be surfaced with artificial turf. By restoring these facilities, we are helping students and the general public to tackle the current obesity problem that our country is currently facing. Thanks 😀


Also in the area is the old National Football stadium in Gzira which has been abandoned for years and years.

Unbelievable! Not even in a third world country 😱😱😱

I agree but i don't think it should become for the exclusive like the Marsa sports track which is what will happen if money gets invested in the moment it is enjoyed by all i.e families, runners , walkers

With the area already supporting a professionally sized track and football field, restoration would also enhance the national pool with its own running track. Apart from increasing the professional level of sports on the island, this would help generate revenue for the University of Malta through memberships. This track, although in a very poor state, is used by many individual athletes that will increase significantly giving no health hazards are imposed on the track.

Tisbiħ lill-UOM kollha, aktar ambjent sabiħ u li jgħinek tistudja aħjar mhux bilfors fil-librerija.

The poor state of this complex is devastating to say the least. Pity really, I used to run on this track but the number of potholes is endless. Please fix up.

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