More Professional Voluntary Organizations

More Professional Voluntary Organizations

The government should create a scheme which will help the various voluntary organizations go to the next level. Some ideas could be - Finding suitable premises if needed/Reduced Electricity & water bills/Remove fees to get permits (Local Councils/Police/Wardens/etc) to organize events. Provide professional services at no cost to make sure that the accounts are kept in a professional and transparent manner. This may also apply for Health & Safety officers to make sure that our kids are safe.


This scheme will improve the quality of non-formal education delivered by these organizations who already are doing a great job at no cost for the government. In a everyday changing society it is vital for these organizations to keep up with times and keep attracting kids and youths towards them. Since these organizations are normally financed by fundraising activities, these incentives will give more enthusiasm for the volunteers to go to the next level and organize innovative activities.

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