Foreigners who commit a crime such as violence, thefts, murders and drug dealings are to be repatriated immediately, being a suspended sentence or prison sentence they have to leave the country. Most of the crimes in Malta are committed by foreigner people and we have to do something as we are the victims in our own country. This is not a matter of racism its a matter to protect your own people!


@Etienne Borg your same statement substantiates my argument. I would really like to see what crimes they have committed. All crimes are deplorable but to generalise is equally so.

Most crimes are not committed by foreigners, a person's unconscious bias against a group of people make them more likely to remember when someone from that group commits a crime. Let's open our minds to different cultures instead of spreading hatred.

@ Samuel Azzopardi: Mela you don't see the news. I am not generalising. As I said in my post if you commit a crime and you are found guilty you have to leave the island. We are giving them chance after chance and they keep ignoring our laws.

@Samuel Azzopardi, Don't mix human trafficking with what I said. I said that if you are a foreigner and commit a crime you are to be sent back as most of the world countries do. I am not talking about Zimbabwe but democratic countries such as USA , Australia ecc. And what the money laundering and tax evasion has to do with my comment!

and asylum seekers who do not qualify for asylum should be sent back asap

@ Samuel Azzopardi: Foreigners make up 40% of prison population in Feb 2017. This does not include the suspended sentences they get. And the percentage is getting higher year after year.

Let's leave justice take it's own course. I think that the most heinous crimes of drug and people trafficking in this country or around its shores is not done by 'foreigners' but by local criminals. Let's not generalise and leave it in the hands of the courts to award justice. Also when it comes to money laundering and tax evasion which cost us and this country so much where not done by 'foreigners' but by fellow Maltese citizens.

@Etienne Borg, I was referring to the fact that 'Most of the crimes in Malta are committed by foreigner people'. That is statistically and factually incorrect.

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