Fighting Local Childhood Obesity

Fighting Local Childhood Obesity

A leading problem within our society is undoubtedly Childhood Obesity. After-school sports should be subsidized by the government and 30min-1 hour of P.E/Sport a day should be included in the curriculum of every local school. To add to the above, strict regulation and monitoring of School canteens should be done to ensure that the products sold are of a healthy standard. Alongside the taxation of sugary products, the above will surely be the way forward in tackling this nationwide problem.


make your chilren move more. limit their ime on tablets, pc, laptop, etc etc...

Agreed. This would not only benefit our children but also reduce the millions spent every year on treating complications of childhood obesity which is forever increasing. Something has to be done urgently.

School days should be made longer so that the number of contact hours of lessons are not increased, but the amount of breaks in between lessons increase so as to give children the time to exercise/have PE lessons/ practice extra curricular activities. It would also work brilliantly for working parents because like that the school day will be as long as the working day.

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