Fast Passenger Ferry Service along the Maltese Coast

Fast Passenger Ferry Service along the Maltese Coast

Since Malta is a small island surrounded by sea I think we should be using it more to our advantage. There is already a ferry service from Valletta to Sliema, why not extend it to for example : Birgu - Valletta - Msida - Sliema - St.Julians - Bugibba and Gozo ( e.g : Marsalforn ) Gozitan students would love a direct ferry to Msida! As far as I know this service was already implemented in the past and was quite popular! Due to the traffic nowadays, I'm certain it would be even more popular!


Undoubtedly a brilliant idea!

This idea although brilliant on paper, depends a lot on sea conditions. During storms in Malta, not only the service will have to stop, but infrastructure will be broken. It is not possible to make this service work all year round because of the weather. Possibly around 30% of the time, the sea is too rough for such a system to work in exposed areas such as all the Sliema, St Julian's to Gozo coast.

A ferry service from Birgu to Valletta already exists.

I agree fully, it would be a great Innovation to transportation on our Island, decreasing the burden on the roads and possibly shortening the commute time. This service could also be extended to areas in the South of the Island such as Kalkara & Smart City, Marsaxlokk, Marsascala, Birzebbuga with both Express services and others making more frequent stops!

That is my point. This would decrease the everyday stresses Gozitans like myself have to encounter. Plus it will significantly decrease traffic jams in Malta while creating more jobs on the ferries. And this sort of destroys the idea of having a permanent link which is not going to solve any problems, since Gozitans en route to Malta still have to encounter traffic.Great idea indeed.

Minor Add: Infrastructure needs to be in place to speed up dis/embarkation for faster turnarounds, avoiding complicated mooring systems.

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