Re developing Paceville

Re developing Paceville

My idea is that the Area in white Rocks is developed with a modern plan extending/redesigning Paceville , give the opportunity to the privet sector to invest and develop on unit bases according to a pre plan. the project would also need to be connected via a permanent transport alternative with Paceville (not using roads) In the mean time I would stop all development in Paceville. When the project is running, then I would do a plan for the existing Paceville. Giving the residence some fresh air


Do a plan for white rocks area. Give the opportunity to established outlets in Paceville to get an outlet in white rocks especially the once that would need to be moved. create a shuttle from white rocks to paceville slm encourage the shift of loud establishments plan for high rise buildings maybe install proper infrastructure including gas supply sewage, garbage, fire, medical, police Etc plan to control sound and light pollution prepare plans with open spaces St Julians and Sliema

Win Win situation for all...

Create more organised unused areas, wile giving over developed areas some fresh air

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