Capping of the cost of certain goods

Capping of the cost of certain goods

The cost of living has escalated in the last year. Grocery shopping has become exceptionally expensive.Certain goods are just ridiculously priced. When you compare daily shopping in Malta vs Europe we are much higher (Higher than UK , Finland and Germany), when we have considerable lower wages. The cost of every day consumer goods should be reduced, either by lowering income tax on these items or else capping costs on importation profit for consumer goods.


Importation Duty for Consumer Goods

I would also include the frequently rising cost of vitamin supplements and other products purchased from pharmacies.........

What ever needs to be done then- i'm not an economist, just highlighting an everyday problem that is being faced.The cost of everyday consumer goods should be lowered

But something should be done with the cost of certain consumer goods- grocery shopping is becoming exceptionally expensive. Why do we pay so much more than other countries? Its not importation duty its more. Prices of these goods should be monitored. Example- Why is it one item from Iceland costs £3.00 in the UK and Euro8.50 here (Did they DHL the item over?)

This goes against the fundamentals of a free market economy.

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