Sport Institute/University

Sport Institute/University

A University specializing on Sport Studies. Offering various sport degree programs including Sport Economics & Management, Sport Psychology, Sport Coaching etc.. Act as a regulator for physical education in schools and for all sport associations in Malta. Having quailed personnel will help the local sport to be managed more professional, citizens are encouraged more in healthy living. Sport is a way of life for all ages and we can benefit healthily, economically and sportively with such idea.


Sport is an important economic sector, Sport represents a labour-intensive growth industry,Sport can foster convergence across EU Member States, Sport enhances social skills by promoting a sense of belonging, Studies show that children who participate in sports tend to do better in school, and are less likely to engage in drug and alcohol abuse,Kids spend six/eight hours of their day at schools thus the responsibility to provide an environment conducive to both mental and physical productivity

Education, Sport, Health, Economy & Youths

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