24/7 University Library

24/7 University Library

University can be a difficult time, and I cannot understate the stress that multiple assignments and exams put on students. While some believe that the extended hours would be a waste of resources and money that could be used elsewhere on campus, the academic needs of students should always be a top priority. I believe that such initiative will encourage more students to study at University and it would make it easier for students to avoid busier times.


Maybe not 24/7 but it can be open from say 6am to mid-night. Also it should be made available to anyone who wants to carry out research whether this person is a student or not.

This is impossibile, it is not a Cosmopolitan library such as Oxford or Havard. And how One can socialize in the library.... How? Not even in exam Times it is fully booked!

An excellent idea which can be further improved if they also start allowing us to also enter with out own bag instead of going through all that hassle (which does discourage people) of getting all your stuff out of the bag etc.

Even if not 24/7, earlier opening and later closing times

I agree with it. just like there are students who study early morning there are those who study late at night. But my main problem this year is the fact that they stop the extended hours 2 weeks into exams. Many would have only just done around 2 exams. I think that if the exam period finishes on the 30th so should the library exam times finish then.

This idea is excellent!

excellent idea!

Apart from that, such idea almost creates another reason for students to be social!

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