Environment: Improving air quality by lowering PM

Environment: Improving air quality by lowering PM

Particulate matter (PM) is an air pollutant that is known to cause asthma, respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses. By introducing water wetting during demolition and quarrying, the emission of PM10 can be significantly lowered. Legal limits on PM10 and PM2.5 should be monitored and enforced better. Legal limits on finer and more harmful PM should be introduced. The lowering of PM concentration will greatly improve air quality and public health.


Fully in agreement with this. It has been proven that even a small reduction in PM can have beneficial Public Health Effects. PM10 is fortunately already being monitored from a number of sites: http://era.org.mt/en/Pages/Data-from-Air-Monitoring-Stations.aspx But of course we can always do better!

Long time awaited .......and still pending......

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