restawra darek

restawra darek

The scheme of "Restawra Darek" should be open all year round,because there was alot of interest in it and alot of people are still waiting for the scheme to reopen


should be open to those who have or are in the process of rehabilitating an unused old house!

It should also be open to anyone not just first time buyers. It is normally difficult for a first time buyer to buy an uncoverted house of character, and many opt to buy this house once they are more settled financially. Restoration is very expensive, so why shouldn't it be offered to all?

The scheme gives a boost to the economy plus it regenarates old buildings and houses which in every village coure these buildings are a big eye sore

and this would give an incentive for people looking to buy a home to consider living in the village cores. In turn, village cores could host communities with a younger average population.

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