Introduce critical tools in education system

Introduce critical tools in education system

Rather than focusing on ensuring students merely pass their exams, our education system should be more focused on providing them with critical tools that would be beneficial for them in any aspect of their life. Among others, these would certainly have to include critical analysis and thinking skills (if the majority of people could think clearly, the coming election's result wouldn't even be in doubt!), but possibly even entrepreneurial and other soft skills.


Unfortunately educational authorities just think that passing exams is the ultimate goal....WRONG

The educational system must focus on nurturing students having a more analytical approach towards thinking.

With a modernized and refreshed school curriculum, students are taught to use their grey cells rather than be spoon fed or worse still, learn text off by heart, as this will only serve them to their next exam. I believe that a couple of schools should be used to test new teaching methods with parents volunteering to send their child there. Children should be taught at an early age to interact with their seniors and peers.

A mandatory short course in logic, which takes a few weeks at most, should be part of the national curriculum, at a young age.

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