No Malta-Gozo Permanent Link

No Malta-Gozo Permanent Link

I am a 15 year old from Gozo and one of my greatest concerns is about accessibility to Malta. My aunt for example leaves Gozo at 6 am and comes back at around 5pm(best case scenario). Despite this I am against the permanent link mainly since it won't solve the target issue. What's the point of not using the ferry when you are still going to get stuck in traffic? What we really need is a fast ferry service between Gozo and a variety of other terminals in Malta such as Cirkewwa, Port il-Kbir..etc.


I believe that if a permanent link is built between Malta and Gozo, traffic in Ċirkewwa and Mġarr would reduce drastically since cars would no longer have to line up waiting for the ferry to arrive. A permanent link would also solve the problems that several students/workers face when travelling in winter: sometimes the ferry stops working due to bad weather, and students have to either stay in Malta for one more day with limited resources like clothes etc., and even worse from Gozo to Malta.

Dear student, PN manifesto 2017 already proposes a fast-ferry service between Malta and Gozo. This is a short-term solution. A tunnel is needed though.

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