Malta-Gozo Tunnel Rail Link + Commercial/Emergency services

Malta-Gozo Tunnel Rail Link + Commercial/Emergency services

The debate on whether Malta and Gozo should be directly linked is a hot topic. People are concerned about preserving Gozo's image whilst also experiencing difficulty in daily commute (both for personal and commercial purposes). Constructing a tunnel could satisfy most concerns if it would ONLY be used by: 1. A rail link integrated with a rail system in Malta (passengers commuting to work/school) 2. Commercial/Emergency vehicles (not restricted by weather and not taking up space from the ferry)


The cost/benefit relationship is not realistic! We have never exploited private sea links which could create many new crossing routes and times at a more down to earth price to the nation. Even in Malta, short sea links could be our 'underground' system, by passing traffic in multiple points.

More Gozitons will be able to get jobs in malta which will surely make it easier to travel to and from to, especially with a railway system. Furthermore, this may encourage more maltese and foreign companies to also open in Gozo and boost the economy there.

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